Château LA CARDONNE - Videos


Watching a Grape Grow

For the first time in history we are able to present the evoution of a grape ! As you will see, in August, there is an amazing transformation that takes place !

2011 Harvest

Here's a short Video on how our Wine-maker selects when to pick grapes during Harvest ! It's all decided by tasting grapes between 6am and 7 am each morning !



Preparing Vines During Growing Season

A quick demonstration on Crop Thinning to ensure that each vine produces the highest quality wine


Winemaking Part 1 - Explaining Alcoholic Fermentation

A little classroom theory to help you understand how we monitor the primary fermentation process


Wine-Making Part 2 - Alcoholic Fermentation Process

The wine-making intervention during alcoholic fermentation

Wine-Making Part 3 - Following Alcoholic Fermentation

Seperating juice and skins


Wine-Making Part 4 - Pressing the Skins

We press the skins to extract concntrated juice to be used in the final blend




La Cardonne in St Barth

It is, after all, the island's favourite Médoc!